Jicaro Lodge | Owner, Karen Emanuel

November 24, 2020


Today’s guest is Karen Emanuel, owner of Jicaro Lodge in Nicaragua.

Jicaro is a stunning collection of 9 villas set on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua near Granada. To get to the island you’ve got to take a speedboat and until you’re right at the threshold, you can’t even tell it’s inhabited. When you step onto this isle of tranquility you’ll see the pool set amongst boulders shining in sapphire and emerald, the tropical gardens, and smell the fabulous food coming out of the open air kitchen and restaurant.

Karen herself is the consummate entrepreneur – she is also the CEO of a successful vinyl pressing company in the UK and she tells the story about how she came to buy an island, in the middle of a lake, and commence on her journey to create something sustainably beautiful. 

Karen and I also discuss thrilling activities in the area, Jicaro’s community projects, and why Nicaragua is a destination you NEED to visit. 


Listen to hear:

  • 02:15 – Where Karen’s favorite spot on the lodge is
  • 03:10 – How friends’ stories brought her on the island
  • 04:30 – What the basic idea behind Jicaro Lodge was
  • 06:05 – About the challenges of the supply chain and training the staff
  • 08:23 – How she managed to preserve and maintain the natural environment while building the lodge
  • 15:14 – About the amazing experiences you can enjoy around the property
  • 21:01 – Why should Jicaro be on your list, even in these times
  • 26:59 – What will you learn about humanity after visiting Nicaragua

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Enjoy a comped guided hike through the La Calera Natural Reserve at the base of the Mombacho Volcano, stopping for a picnic lunch and a swim in secluded hot springs, followed by a kayaking excursion. (through Nov 1, 2021, min 2 night stay)

Note: In cases where special situations arise at the hotel or seasonality might affect the experience delivered, certain value-adds may be replaced for something of equal value.

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