Israel | Expert Panel

June 10, 2021

Today we’re diving into the paradox that is the country of Israel. In such a small nation you can be surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, holy men and women from multiple faiths, geopolitical conflict, world class nightlife, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea AND the Mediterranean Sea. 

To try to unravel some of this beautiful complexity, we have three guests on our show today. My friend and partner in the region, Yoav Gal – an expert in luxury Israel itineraries; Eyal Riess – a Rabbi in the mystical Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, and Libbi Cohen- an expert in Tel Avivian history, culture, and nightlife.

We discuss everything from Israel’s new cultural revolution, to spiritual experiences in caves, to Bauhaus architecture – and of course hummus!



Listen to hear:

  • 02:21 – About their favorite place in Israel
  • 06:03 – What does Israel mean to them
  • 10:26 – About the less visited places and secret spots
  • 12:31 – Why the Kabbalah is the soul of Judaism
  • 14:29 – How their history has shaped the culture of Israel
  • 20:04 – What you can experience in Israel
  • 22:12 – About some of the behind the scene stories
  • 27:43 – What some of their favorite experiences and tours are
  • 34:57 – How you can learn about the religious side of Israel
  • 37:24 – About their preferences in culture, cuisine, and activities
  • 50:29 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Israel

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Anyone booking a multiday tour with us through the podcast, will receive a free VIP greeting service upon arrival – an agent will greet you as you exit the door of the plane and take you through a fast-track service through all the airport services.

Each traveler booking one of Libby’s tours through our podcast will receive a unique Tel Aviv made artsy souvenir, that will send you back with a “piece of Tel Aviv”.

A family doing an event with our guest in Tsfat or even a Kabballah session with Eyal, will be getting a very unique and spiritual gift – a microfilm version of the 2000 year old Book of Zohar, the fundamental book of Kabballah, which is said to bring luck if you place it in the living room.

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