Ellis Adams Group

Hospitality Expert | Chris Adams

August 09, 2022

Today’s show is about hospitality, the great change that is underway at hotels, and how Covid and generational shifts are changing what it means to be luxury.

My guest today is the CEO and Founder of Ellis Adams Group, a consulting firm specializing in helping luxury hotel brands design jaw dropping customer experiences, build memorable hotel spaces, and keep up with new trends.

Chris tells personal stories of his time working in hotels and crazy experiences helping new hotels open. We also dive into everything from QR codes, to the Ladies & Gentlemen of the Ritz Carlton, to pink elephants.



Listen to hear:

  • 01:57 – About Chris’ favorite surroundings
  • 03:36 – What ties the entertainment and the hospitality industry
  • 06:00 – Why Ritz Carlton is so special to him
  • 09:52 – What the trends that emerged in the past years are
  • 17:27 – How some of the brands apply technology to their advantage
  • 20:02 – What it takes to be a Forbes 5* hotel
  • 23:17 – How the luxury hospitality world suits the Millennials needs
  • 25:36 – Why Gen Z can shape the definition of luxury in the next decade
  • 28:03 – About one memorable story of a hotel opening, and a guest that made an impact on him
  • 35:31 – About Chris’ favorite choices in the industry
  • 38:08 – What you will learn about the world by experiencing true and warm hospitality

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