Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands | Expert Panel

April 23, 2024

Today we’re headed well off the beaten path, to the area nestled between the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea. The secluded Faroe Islands boast rugged cliffs, emerald green landscapes, puffins galore, and a vibrant local culture for such a small population.

You might come here for the hiking or the bird life, but what you’ll leave with is a sense of peace, having experienced the luxurious feeling of being on the edge of the world.

Our guests today are our partners in the region, Kristin Björnsdóttir and Joaquin Linares Cordoba who are experienced in leading travelers to discover these islands. We chat about everything from Viking legends to Michelin Starred restaurants, to bird life.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:01 – About their view from a favorite spot in Faroe Islands
  • 03:45 – How the history of the country shaped it today
  • 07:46 – Who their favorite historical character is and why
  • 12:18 – What the cultural traits here are
  • 14:31 – How the climate differs in the Faroe Islands
  • 17:07 – About the seaspiracy
  • 21:18 – Why you should visit and plan a stay here
  • 22:50 – What the most special experiences they did for guests are
  • 27:42 – Where you can stay when coming to the Faroe islands
  • 29:01 – How to make the Faroe Islands a luxury experience
  • 31:42 – Why you must try Faroese cuisine
  • 34:51 – How they have a favorite memory of a past guest
  • 37:38 – About Kristin’s and Joaquin’s favorite choices here
  • 44:46 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting the Faroe Islands

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