Family Travel

Family Travel | Expert, Magali Dechelette

August 05, 2021

Instead of diving into a gorgeous hotel or fabulous destination, we’re jumping headlong into the nuance of family travel with my partner, and one of the world’s top experts, Magali Dechelette.

So often our clients think that kids need to be in their teens to enjoy Europe, or that family travel is just too difficult. So we’re here today to dispel that myth. 

Whether you’re doing a treasure hunt at the Louvre, making your own paella dinner in Madrid, or going through gladiator training outside of Rome – I promise, there IS a way to engage even your most Fortnite or Instagram obsessed child. 

Magali and I discuss her favorite destinations in Europe, some ungoogleable experiences, and how traveling with children can make the world a better place.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:04 – About Magali’s view from a favorite city in Europe
  • 04:21 – How an interesting childhood story inspired her uniqueness in hospitality
  • 07:08 – What the most popular destinations are
  • 09:46 – How she organizes day trips and activities
  • 11:09 – Why the destinations cover all kids’ interests
  • 14:34 – What the benefits for toddlers and kids up to 5 are
  • 17:47 – About the ungoogleable experiences for family travel
  • 22:35 – What the small things that can be taken for granted are
  • 27:00 – How a guest left a special memory with her
  • 29:29 – What the must-have products for families travelling with kids are
  • 30:07 – About her favorites in French culture and family travel
  • 34:59 – What you will learn about the world after a family trip with the kids

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