Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania | Expert Panel

February 06, 2024

Today we’re headed to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. While all three countries are different in culture and in language, what they share is having borne witness to the same history and the courage to protect their individual identities through centuries of tumult.

This is a fascinating region of the world to visit, not only because of the history, but because of the unspoiled coastlines and forests, charming traditions, and world class cities.

My guests today are Greg Tepper, our partner in the region, and Grigorijs Salnits, one of our top guides in Latvia. We chat about everything from the emotional history of the 20th century, to over the top festivals, to foraging for mushrooms.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:07 – About the view from their favorite spot in the Baltics region
  • 05:18 – What Grigorijs’ personal and professional journey has taught him
  • 07:14 – How the region is structured
  • 09:30 – Why they have a favorite era of the Baltics history to study
  • 13:04 – How this region culturally differs from the rest of Europe
  • 17:20 – About old pagan traditions that are now part of life in the Baltics
  • 21:18 – What the history of the guilds here is
  • 23:51 – How the past shaped today’s psyche of the Baltics
  • 26:14 – Why the Baltic way is one of the most moving stories of humanity
  • 34:49 – What the three countries are known for today
  • 36:25 – About the special experiences in the region
  • 41:55 – How you can discover the cuisine in the best way
  • 45:56 – Why they have a favorite memory of a past guest
  • 52:50 – About a few fun facts on this region
  • 55:37 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting the Baltics

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