Dolomite Mountains

Dolomite Mountains | Agustina Lagos Marmol

March 14, 2023

Today we’re heading to the far north of Italy to the Dolomites and Lake Garda. This magical region is full of craggy spires, sheer cliff faces, verdant valleys, and gorgeous lakes. No wonder it’s recognized by UNESCO, will be the home of the next Winter Olympics, and inspires travelers from around the world.

My guest today is my partner in the region, Agustina Lagos Marmol. Before starting her company, Agustina was an intrepid mountain guide – taking guests climbing all over the world. Her love for the Dolomites in particular always kept her coming back and she’s now cycled, hiked, or skied almost every inch of the region.

We discuss everything from the ancient Ladin culture, to World War I history, to incredible mountain adventures finished off with gourmet meals and fabulous wine.




Listen to hear:

  • 02:00 – About Agustina’s favorite spot in the Dolomite Mountains
  • 03:29 – What the layout of the Dolomite region is
  • 09:24 – Why you should visit this future host destination of the Winter Olympics
  • 10:54 – How the history and the culture here are influenced by the Ladin people
  • 13:24 – About the cuisine, and the unique traits of the Dolomites vs the rest of Italy
  • 16:15 – How Lake Garda differs from Lake Como
  • 19:27 – What the hiking and the ski safaris can offer you
  • 26:01 – Why you should visit the Dolomites on your next trip
  • 30:34 – How she organized over the top luxury experiences for guests
  • 34:29 – What her special memory of a past guest is
  • 37:29 – About Agustina’s favorite choices
  • 42:42 – What you will learn about the world after visiting the Dolomite Mountains in Italy

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