Digital Nomads

Digital Nomading | Expert Panel

July 12, 2022

I’m so excited today to be speaking with two amazing travel and remote work experts, Matt Kepnes and Dan Andrews. Matt is the founder of the successful blog, Nomadic Matt and is a New York Times bestselling author of two books. Dan hosts the successful podcast, Tropical MBA, co-founded Dynamite Circle to connect and empower digital entrepreneurs, and also founded Dynamite Jobs.

Both of our guests have spent years as digital nomads.

This episode is a bit of a departure from our typical shows but I think it holds some golden lessons and amazing insights for us all.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:20 – What their most surprising travel experience is
  • 06:34 – Why Matt made the shift from corporate to nomadic life
  • 09:15 – How Dan came up with Dynamite circle
  • 14:07 – What the lifestyle of the digital nomads is
  • 15:34 – About the digital nomads’ hot spots
  • 17:59 – How the pandemic affected them
  • 20:31 – What the biggest downside of being nomadic is
  • 26:11 – Who some of the interesting nomads they’ve met are
  • 30:44 – About a few tips & tricks for being a digital nomad
  • 36:19 – What lessons from their way of life can be applied to any type of travel
  • 39:59 – About their favorite choices
  • 42:16 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by living a nomadic lifestyle

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