Costa Rica | Expert Panel

May 27, 2021

Today we’re taking a journey to one of the happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity, 99% of its power comes from renewable energy, and 98% of its population is literate. It’s certainly a country that punches far above its weight.

Whether you’re coming for surfing, to see sloths and toucans, or to find yourself alone meditating in a rainforest – Costa Rica can provide it all.   We have two guests today – French/Moroccan Entrepreneur, turned hotelier – Mehdi Rheljari, and Wilhelm von Breymann, owner of Costa Rican Trails and former Minister of Tourism.

We discuss the barefoot luxury and breathtaking views of Mehdi’s hotel – Kasiiya Papagayo, some more off the beaten path parts of Costa Rica, and of course, Pura Vida.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:12 – What their favorite spots in Costa Rica are
  • 04:30 – About the journey of Wilhelm from Minister of Tourism to hospitality
  • 13:06 – How to have an authentic Costa Rican experience
  • 17:13 – What makes the area interesting to visit
  • 19:47 – About the less visited areas of the country
  • 23:55 – Why the Costa Rican culture reflects “Pura Vida”
  • 27:16 – About the layout of Kasiiya Papagayo
  • 30:36 – What some of the behind the scenes stories are
  • 33:58 – How they create private experiences for the guests
  • 36:04 – Why sustainability is an important part of Costa Rica
  • 43:57 – About some of their favorite Costa Rican choices
  • 50:02 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Costa Rica

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