Cayuga Collection | Co-Owners, Hans & Andrea

September 15, 2020

Hans Pfister Andrea Bonilla and Hans Pfister are the co-owners of Cayuga Collection in Central America. Cayuga is a collection of 7 independently owned luxury boutiques in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama. The company employs over 450 local staff and protects 1,500 acres of rainforest. Though each property has its own unique soul – what ties them all together is Hans and Andrea’s commitment to people, service, and sustainability. They’ve managed to create a unique culture where you can experience both luxury and authenticity, creature-comforts and sustainability. We discuss what makes up the heart and soul of these gorgeous properties, what it takes to become a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World, and a few behind the scenes details too.

Listen to hear about:

  • 02:05 – The spectacular views from Hans and Andrea’s favorite properties
  • 04:10 – How Andrea and Hans started this charming collection of properties 
  • 06:40 –  How their philosophy evolved to focus on people, sustainability, and service 
  • 08:10 – Cayuga’s unique way of combining people and sustainability
  • 09:25 –  How Hans decided to cut the use of single-use plastic in the early 90s 
  • 13:01 – What goes behind the scenes of these amazing properties and the services they provide
  • 17:07 – Activities and experiences you can enjoy in the Cloud Forest of Costa Rica
  • 18:05 – What the pair regard as their most “off the beaten path” destination 
  • 19:45 – The rigor it takes to become recognized as a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World 
  • 21:34 – What makes the happiest guests at any Cayuga property
  • 25:19 – How the team at Cayuga takes every day moments and turns them into Wow experiences
  • 27:18 – What you might learn about the world from visiting Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Kura Boutique Hotel

Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

Full breakfast daily for two guests per bedroom

Complimentary lunch or dinner for up to two people per room, excluding alcohol, tax, and tip (once per stay)

Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability

Complimentary Wi-Fi

Aguas Claras

Guaranteed room upgrade at the time of booking (through Nov 1, 2021, min 2 night stay)

Isla Palenque

Guests will be treated to a private lunch on a secluded beach. Take a dip in the warm Pacific waters while lodge chefs prepare a delectable three-course meal tailored to guest preferences. (through Nov 1, 2021, min 2 night stay)

Jicaro Island Lodge

Enjoy a comped guided hike through the La Calera Natural Reserve at the base of the Mombacho Volcano, stopping for a picnic lunch and a swim in secluded hot springs, followed by a kayaking excursion. (through Nov 1, 2021, min 2 night stay)

Note: In cases where special situations arise at the hotel or seasonality might affect the experience delivered, certain value-adds may be replaced for something of equal value.

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