Casa Palopó | Claudia Bosch & Katina Jongezoon

May 10, 2021

If you’re the kind of luxury traveler who’s always looking for hidden gems, I’ve got one for you today!

We’re chatting with mother-daughter team, Claudia Bosch and Katina Jongezoon, who own and manage Casa Palopo on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Casa Palopo is a colonial style home set on a gorgeous lake, surrounded by the peaks of lush, green volcanic mountains. During a stay here you might find yourself relaxing poolside with a cocktail inhaling the gorgeous views, paragliding over the lake suspended by only a parachute, or visiting Santa Catarina and helping locals to paint their homes in bright, happy colors.

Both Claudia and Katina are passionate about showing off their country to visitors and have poured some secret ingredients into this special spot – a dash of love, a cup of fine attention to detail, and a pound of enthusiasm for the local community around them. And the result, is nothing less than delightful.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:18 – About their favorite view from the property
  • 04:34 – How their life journey took them to the property
  • 06:54 – Why they love promoting Guatemala to the world
  • 10:25 – What some of the  activities around the property are
  • 14:36 – How the special features and assets shape the property
  • 19:10 – About their Relais & Chateaux journey
  • 22:19 – What is behind the chocolate tamale dish
  • 24:58 – How they create special memories for guests
  • 29:31 – What some of the new up & coming projects are
  • 31:54 – About their passion invested into the meaningful community projects
  • 34:50  – What you will learn about the world after visiting Casa Palopó

Listener Exclusive Amenities

A continental breakfast is included with every reservation

A special welcome amenity that is called Rosa Palopó – a mocktail made with hibiscus, very famous in Guatemala

Vouchers with “money” to the guests to spend in specific shops in the community of the artisans

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