Burgundy | Le Relais Bernard Loiseau

December 28, 2021

Today we’re headed into the heart of Burgundy for an education on French cuisine and hospitality. 

We’ll start by meeting an infinitely interesting cast of characters – first, my guest Bérangère Loiseau. Then we’ll learn about her mother, Dominique (a biochemist turned top hotelier) and finally, Bérangère’s world-famous chef of a father, Bernard Loiseau. 

Along the way we’ll learn interesting tidbits on what it takes to become a 3 Michelin Star Chef, how Chef Bernard Loiseau changed the culinary world, and how the family turned their passion for food and hospitality into one of the top hotels in France – Le Relais Bernard Loiseau. 

Bérangère and I also discuss the glitz and glamour of old Burgundy, why this is the perfect stop on your route across France, and how to enjoy the French art of living.

Listen to hear:

  • 02:11 – About Bérangère’s favorite view on the property
  • 03:39 – How her Mother started running world-class restaurants and hotels
  • 09:03 – What Bérangère’s favorite memories with her father are
  • 15:38 – Why one achievement holds a special place in her heart
  • 18:01 – What makes the Burgundy region unique
  • 21:11 – About the local culture, architecture, and activities in the region
  • 31:16 – How a typical day of the guest on the property unfolds
  • 34:23 – About Bérangère’s favorite choices In Burgundy, including world class wines and cuisine
  • 39:00 – What you will learn about the world by visiting Burgundy

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