Brazil | Expert Panel

August 01, 2023

Today we’re visiting a country passionate about music, food, and enjoying life. While those passions are shared across the country, otherwise it is extremely diverse. The landscapes range from tropical beaches, to rainforest, to waterfalls, and more. The cities are huge and vibrant. The people are from cultural backgrounds as different as Japanese and African.

Joining me to chat all things Brazil are three experts in the region. Joe Sandillo, our partner in Brazil; Fabio Delantonia, a chef and expert in the culinary history of Brazil; and Micael Amarancci a passionate musician, cultural expert, and law and politics scholar.

The four of us chat about everything from the slave roots of Brazilian music, to understanding the history of the country through food, to the under-appreciated areas of Brazil that we think you should visit.



Listen to hear:

  • 02:09 – What their favorite views in Brazil are
  • 03:40 – Why Joe chose Micael and Fabio as his partner speakers
  • 04:39 – How he takes us on a walk through the major regions of the country
  • 06:21 – About the different influences on Brazilian cuisine
  • 11:50 – What is new and upcoming in the Brazilian food scene
  • 14:15 – How Brazil became also popular through music
  • 22:22 – Why the carnivals and the big cities have their own magic
  • 29:00 – How you can contribute and learn about Brazilian culture and its communities
  • 35:52 – How the Amazon rainforest has shaped the culture of Brazil
  • 39:07 – What special experiences you can have in the country
  • 42:13 – Why you should visit various parts of Brazil
  • 43:38 – How they planned over the top experiences
  • 49:42 – About their favorite memories of past guests
  • 54:25 – What you will learn about the world by visiting Brazil

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