Botswana | Wilderness Destinations

January 31, 2023

Today we’re heading to the magical country of Botswana. It’s a dream world where you very might well come across a gorgeous sunset, framed by a rainbow, arching over two baby leopards. Sounds fantastical, but I have actually seen it. The other things you can see in Botswana like the Eden that is Chobe and encountering San Bushmen in the Kalahari are also sure to blow you away.

My guests today are an amazing panel of safari and Botswana experts. We have Attorney Vasco who grew up on a farm outside of Maun and is now the head guiding manager for Wilderness Safaris in Botswana, Craig Glatthaar who has spent countless years in the bush and helps market all of Wilderness’ projects to North America, and Vince Shacks who is a true expert in conservation.

We talk in depth about what makes Botswana special, how Wilderness Destinations is set up perfectly to showcase this country, and the group tells some fantastic stories of wildlife and crazy encounters.

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Listen to hear:

  • 02:16 – About Vasco’s favorite spot in Botswana
  • 03:20 – What made Vince to take a journey with Wilderness
  • 04:34 – Why Vasco decided to be in this industry
  • 07:24 – How Craig brings extra life in his work
  • 09:06 – About the different regions in Botswana
  • 15:59 – What sets Botswana apart from the other countries
  • 21:15 – About the species they are most excited about
  • 24:27 – What ties the lodges together
  • 25:27 – How the conservations projects are done here
  • 30:10 – Why you must experience a day on safari in Botswana
  • 34:14 – About a few crazy wildlife encounters
  • 40:10 – How they share memories of memorable requests, and of past guests
  • 47:16 – About our guests’ personal favorites
  • 52:39 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Botswana

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