Azores & Madeira

Azores & Madeira | Expert Panel

March 05, 2024

Today we’re venturing into the Atlantic, making stops on the islands of The Azores and Madeira. Imagine stunning verdant volcanic landscapes, dramatic coastal cliffs, and temperate weather all year round. Don’t forget incredible food and a unique expression of Portuguese culture.

My guests today are Filipe Fraga from Madeira and Beatriz Sousa from The Azores. We chat about the differences and commonalities between these two destinations, the unique environment, and the authentic experiences offered by each. If you’re looking for a unique destination in Europe, either of these destinations will be sure to impress.




Listen to hear:

  • 02:15 – What is going on around their favorite scene
  • 05:06 – About the geography of these islands
  • 07:05 – Which historical characters has lived and impacted the Portuguese archipelagos
  • 10:38 – What the biggest differences between Azores & Madeira are
  • 13:33 – How you can find surprisingly breathtaking views and experiences here
  • 16:10 – About the culture of the region
  • 20:05 – Why they had the biggest firework in the whole world
  • 22:11 – What their favorite adventures for guests are
  • 26:08 – How they organize over the top experiences
  • 29:48 – What the best way to discover the local cuisine is
  • 34:29 – How they have a favorite memory of past guests
  • 36:04 – About Beatriz and Filipe’s favorite choices
  • 39:51 – What you will learn about the world after visiting Azores & Madeira

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