Austria | Expert Panel

April 15, 2024

Today we’re headed to a small country, nestled in the heart of Europe. Austria surprises and then charms its visitors with stunning Alpine landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and elegant imperial architecture.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect apple strudel, want to hike in hills filled with the “Sound of Music,”  or experience the famous coffee culture, operas, or Viennese Balls – Austria has something for almost everyone.

My guests today are Thomas Bachinger, our expert on all things Vienna; Christoph Reiter from the Salzburg region, and Michael Bode who is a cheese sommelier and owns a wine company in the Alpine region!  The four of us chat on everything from Austrian wine, to off the beaten path areas of the country, to what inspired all these amazing composers who spent time in the region.

Credit to some of the photos: Miriam Mehlman Fotografie –



Listen to hear:

  • 02:17 – About their view from the favorite spots in Austria
  • 03:45 – What the most important historical period for the country was
  • 06:39 – How the mountains help and impact the region
  • 09:56 – Why making cheese is important for preserving the land
  • 12:41 – Who their favorite historical character is
  • 15:01 – What some off the beaten path parts are worth visiting here
  • 20:54 – Why composers were attracted to Austria
  • 24:33 – About the big influence of the coffee culture
  • 26:20 – What the most special food products from the country are
  • 30:01 – How to experience wine in Austria in the best way
  • 34:44 – About the various ways to immerse in music while visiting Austria
  • 42:19 – What sets Austrians apart from other countries in Europe
  • 48:11 – Why you can find many outdoor activities here
  • 49:58 – How they provide over the top experiences for guests
  • 55:08 – About a few fun facts on the country
  • 56:53 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting Austria

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