Ashford Castle | Robert Bowe

September 15, 2020

Robert BoweRobert Bowe is one of the top guest experience managers at Ashford Castle in Western Ireland. Ashford may be an 800 year old castle, but it’s also a modern day icon in the world of luxury travel.

Driving up to the castle, you’ll feel like you’re in Camelot – you’ll first see the lush green grounds set next to the ocean. Then you’ll discover the history, the secret passageways, and the fine silks and antiques throughout the property. It sounds like it could be stuffy – but it’s not. The service comes from the heart and makes it feel like coming home.

Robert is your typical Irishman, with loads of great stories to tell (really, we could have gone on for hours!) and an amazing charm. We discuss little known stories about the castle, what keeps guests coming back year after year, and a little celebrity gossip too!


Listen to hear about:

  • 02:06 – Robert’s favorite spot in the 800-year-old castle
  • 03:20 – How Robert started working at Ashford Castle and why he’s stayed 33 years!
  • 06:34 – How the actor who played Big Bird in Sesame Street became Robert’s favorite guest
  • 09:10 – Robert’s James Bond moment at The Castle
  • 10:27 – History of the Lords who build Ashford Castle
  • 12:24 – Ashford’s very own Ghost Story
  • 13:20 – Experiences you can have when visiting Ashford for the first time 
  • 15:27 – How the chef forages every day, and the amazing culinary experience 
  • 16:57 –  What makes Ashford stand out from all the other castle hotels in Ireland
  • 18:06 – How you should embrace slow travel to properly enjoy Ireland

Listener Exclusive Amenities

Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability

Full Irish breakfast daily, served in restaurant

$100 USD equivalent Food & Beverage credit, to be used during stay

Early check-in/late check-out, subject to availability

Complimentary Wi-Fi

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