Aerial BVI

Aerial BVI | Britnie Turner

March 21, 2023

I’m excited today to be speaking with renaissance woman and extremely successful entrepreneur, Britnie Turner. Britnie realized her calling for giving back at a young age and decided her path forward was in building triple bottom line businesses.

One of Britnie’s newest ventures is Aerial Private Island in the British Virgin Islands. A true paradise, Aerial is a place you can get away, focus on discovering your life’s purpose, and reset your wellness. You might find yourself kissing a zebra, kiteboarding, or enjoying the company of guests who are setting out to change the world.

Britnie and I talk about everything from manifesting, to Sir Richard Branson, to how her island has already begun to change lives.




Listen to hear:

  • 02:52 – About Britnie’s favorite spot at Aerial BVI
  • 04:13 – How she became passionate about giving back to society
  • 06:51 – What inspired her to develop her philanthropic work via business
  • 11:59 – Why Britnie invested herself into Aerial BVI
  • 23:05 – About the hidden special details of the property
  • 26:35 – What are some of the guest experiences you can find here
  • 29:41 – How unique Redemption Ranch truly is
  • 32:00 – About Britnie’s favorite personal choices and philosophy
  • 38:19 – What you will learn about the world and humanity by visiting Aerial BVI

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