How to Plan the Perfect Luxury Safari

Where to Go, What You’ll Experience, and How to Plan


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Your Hosts

Sarah Groen - Owner, Lead Travel Advisor

Sarah Groen

Founder & CEO, Bell & Bly Travel

Sarah is recognized by Conde Nast Travel for her expertise in planning African Safaris. She has also visited all seven continents twice over and has been to 106 countries. Sarah holds an MBA from Stanford and is pursuing a Masters to explore the intersection of Positive Psychology and Travel at University of Pennsylvania.

Jazmín Dalinkevicius

Craig Glatthaar

Head of Sales: Wilderness Destinations

A South African native, Craig has been exploring the outdoors since childhood. In addition to guiding and his executive role at Wilderness Destinations, Craig holds a Masters in Conservation Science and is pursuing a PhD. Craig has some of the best Africa stories on the continent and will share his adventurous spirit with us!

Ana Manrique

Jaco Ehlers

Sales Manager, Segera

Based in Cape Town, Jaco spent over 16 years helping to build the Singita brand before joining The Royal Portfolio. Jaco now leads sales and marketing for one of Kenya’s best kept secrets, the wildly luxurious Segera Retreat. Jaco will share his experiences from across the continent to help you decide where to plan your safari!

We’ll Cover:

  • Why a safari will be life changing
  • A day-in-the-life on a luxury safari
  • Exclusive/insider experiences you must know about
  • The best countries and regions to safari in
  • How to maximize your investment and have the best experience possible

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from some of the top safari experts in the industry.

FREE WEBINAR: Wednesday, July 17 @ 11AM Eastern