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Do you want to go on an around-the-world adventure? Experience a unique kind of luxury travel with Four Seasons Private Jet vacations! On these weeks-long journeys, continent-hop from one incredible destination to the next. Discover stunning landscapes, unique wildlife, fascinating history and participate in culture experiences. Keep reading to learn more about these special adventures!

About Four Seasons Private Jets

Four Seasons Private Jet, Interior Seating

Source: Four Seasons

The first Four Seasons Private Jet was a custom-designed Boeing 757-200ER with seating for only 52 guests. Made with Italian leather, the seats all lie fully flat. At your seat is a Mongolian cashmere blanket; and if you want to catch some shut-eye, look forward to white linens and goose-down pillows. An iPad offers in-flight entertainment with movies, TV shows, and music. For your devices, you’ll find 3 USB ports and an international power socket. A number of amenities are yours to keep at the end – from Bose noise-cancelling headphones to a Ghurka leather tote bag amongst others.

The concept of a private jet experience like this was a hotel industry-first when it came out in 2015. Now, they are looking forward to the launch of their next jet due next year! A redesigned Airbus A321neo will be the new Four Seasons private jet. The jet will hold 48 guests onboard – with each seat offering 6 ½ feet of space. There will be new experiences offered, including workshops and educational demonstrations. Even the bathroom was expanded and can be used as a changing room, complete with a full-length mirror and a bench seat.

Onboard Experience

You’ll be joined on your Four Seasons Private Jet by a journey team, including a chef and a physician onboard! Also on your team is the Director of Guest Experience. Is there something that you want to do that’s not on the program? He’s part of the team that arranges the incredible experiences on your trip. While they may not be onboard, there’s the Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager and a team in the different destinations that begin planning your experience long before the plane takes off.

Four Seasons Private JetThe food onboard this jet is not your average plane food either. With fresh ingredients from each location, your dining experience onboard will be tailored to your preferences.

With only day flights, you won’t be doing any overnight flights on this journey. Once you arrive at your destination, look forward to relaxing in Four Seasons deluxe rooms or choose to upgrade to different suite options.

Something to consider: this may not be the vacation for you if you’re looking at a family vacation with young children. Four Seasons notes that their journeys are created with adults in mind and recommends “that you consider only well-travelled, older (12-plus) children.”

Incredible Destinations

Explore destinations across different continents over the course of a few weeks. There are currently 5 experiences listed with differing stops on each itinerary.

Lion on the SerengetiEmbark on “International Intrigue 2021,” and begin your Four Seasons Private Jet journey on the west coast of the USA onboard the new Airbus private jet. Leaving from Seattle, set off across the Pacific towards 8 more incredible destinations like Hoi An, Vietnam; the Serengeti; and St. Petersburg, Russia. Relax at the spa or enjoy dinner on the beach in the Maldives. Venture into the Atlas Mountains or explore the souks on a private excursion in Marrakech. Finish your adventure in the ‘City of Lights’: Paris.

Opt instead for “Timeless Encounters 2021” where you’ll begin in Hawaii before jet setting off to 8 different destinations. Visit the famous Sydney Opera House on a private tour or give surfing a try at Bondi Beach. Enjoy a one day stop in Agra, India where you can visit one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, or the nearby Agra Fort. At your final destination, explore the historic London by boat along the River Thames or on a tour of the city’s iconic spots.

Petra, JordanIf you want to explore world wonders, consider the “Ancient Explorer November 2021” trip. Beginning in Miami, head first to Mexico City and explore Teotihuacan from above in a hot air balloon ride. Explore under the water as you swim with Manta rays in Bora Bora or dive the Great Barrier Reef to see the incredible marine life. Marvel at the many historic sites as you visit Jordan, Egypt, and Greece; before finishing your journey in Madrid, Spain.

These are just some of the experiences and destinations that are offered. As these trips are customizable, you’ll have the bespoke experiences that you want – along with incredible memories to look back on.

If you’re looking to experience a Four Seasons Private Jet vacation, let us here at Bell & Bly Travel help!


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