Ceylon Tea Trails: The World’s First Tea Bungalow Resort

by Apr 25, 2019Destinations, Hotels

I just returned from Sri Lanka and was so excited to report on my stay at Ceylon Tea Trail Bungalows! However, I must acknowledge that shortly after my return and before this posting, there were a series of horrible bombings in Sri Lanka.

I have been in contact with all my partners in the country, they are all ok. Though tourism is already trending down, the hope is for a quick rebound. One of the things that makes the country so special is its multi-culturalism. It’s this strength that gives me hope for the country and all its people. That said, when you do decide to make a trip, you’ll definitely want to consider this luxury experience. 

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Ceylon Tea Trails is special because…

Well the title says it all! This collection of 5 bungalows tucked deep into the tea country of Sri Lanka is the world’s first tea bungalow resort. The bungalows and the tea estate they are set on are owned by Dilmah Tea. The company is committed to luxury, quality, and the fair treatment of its employees

Each bungalow has a slightly different style and décor. They are all run like a small household. Each bungalow has 5-6 rooms, its own chef, staff, and manager. Everything is included too, so you can hang out in the sitting room or dine anytime you’d like. You’re also more than welcome to visit the other bungalows (I saw 3 of them!).

It’s called Tea Trails because of the lovely trails in and around the tea plantations. Each bungalow has a set of different hikes that can be explored right from your door. You can even hike from one bungalow to another. With every stay you also experience the famous Dilmah tea tour to learn how tea goes from plant to cup. 

Ceylon Tea Trails is right for you if…

If you love gorgeous scenery Ceylon Tea Trails must be on your bucket list! Every time I turned around was a “wow moment!” This is also a sri lanka tea trails plantationgreat, relaxing “away from it all” stop in what might otherwise be a very busy itinerary. Save this spot as your luxury retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

Ceylon Tea Trails is also a great spot for anyone who likes walking, hiking, or needs some time to relax.

Families with really young kids might have trouble keeping the children entertained. The bungalows are more of a quiet, upscale reserve.  Any travelers who easily get car sick should fly here rather than try to make the drive. Other than that, this is a great spot for all luxury travelers to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is worth visiting because…

There is so much to pack in to one small country! There are beautiful beaches, this elegant and gorgeous tea plantation, FASCINATING ancient ruins, great food, interesting culture, safari tours, war remnants, and more. There’s something for everyone in Sri Lanka.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Sri Lanka pairs well with the Maldives or the Middle East! It’s a one-hour flight from Male and 4 hours from Dubai. I’ve also written on one of my favorite Maldives hotels!

As you start to plan your trip to Sri Lanka to visit Ceylon Tea Trails and other parts of the country, please reach out. I can help you understand the nuances and current political state and plan a trip for you with my trusted partners on the ground. 

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